In January 2024 the House of Representatives considered two pieces of legislation related to RCV:


1. HB 345 would give municipalities and political parties the OPTION to use Ranked Choice in their elections (municipal elections and party primaries).

2. HB 350 would establish the use of Ranked Choice in all NH primary and general elections for state and federal office, with staggered implementation.


HB 345 received 170 votes in favor, with 207 against

HB 350 received 128 votes in favor, with 248 against


While the bills (and the voting) were bi-partisan, Democrats largely voted in favor, while Republicans largely voted against.

RCV is not a partisan issue.  We need to help people see that RCV is a win-win for everyone!  We're working to present similar bills for consideration after the November elections. To that end, we need everyone helping to convince those who voted against to reconsider. Please see the individual tabs for how house members voted.


To find your representative's co-ordinates, search on the NH House Members of Representatives page by Town or City, using the link below. First use the Select a town field. This displays the representatives for that area. Then click on an individual representative to see that person's contact information.

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