HB350 Votes

While most Democrats voted to approve, 61 did not. Please check this list for those in your districts. We need to convince each one that a Yes vote is what their constituents really desire:


Abbott,  Balboni,  Bouldin,  Brennan,  Buco,  Cahill,  Cascalden,  Conlin,  Cormen,  Darby

DiLorenzo,  Eaton,  Edgar,  Fellows,  Freitas,  Gilman,  Goley,  Grill,  Hamer,  Harrington-Gathright

Heath,  Howland,  Huot,  Jack,  Jeudy,  Leishman,  Levesque,  Long,   MacKay,  Maggiore

Manos,  Massimilla,  McGhee,  McWilliams,  Merchant,  Ming,  Monteil,  Murphy,  Murray,  Nutting-Wong

O'Brien,  O'Neil,  Paige,  Plamondon,  Raymond,  Rombeau,  Schamberg,  Shapiro,  Schuett,  Schultz

Shurtleff,  Simpson,  Soucy,  St. Clair,  Stavis,  Sullivan,  Thomas,  Turcotte,  Vallone,  Wall



While almost all Republicans voted against, these 4 voted in favor. We need to thank them and work with them to convince other Republicans that this is what their constituents really desire:


King,  Lekas (T),  Phinney, Yokela


Independant Hynes also voted in favor


The Votes