HB345 Votes

While most Democrats voted to approve, 25 did not. Please check this list for those in your districts. We need to convince each one that a Yes vote is what their constituents really desire:


Abbott,  Brennan,  Buco,  Cahill,  Conlin,  Damon,  Eaton,  Edgar,  Goley,  Hamer

Harrington-Gathright,  Heath,  Jack,  Knab,  Leishman,  Long,  Massimilla,  Schuett,  Schultz,  Shurtleff

Soucy,  St. Clair,  Turcotte,  Vallone,  Weber


While almost all Republicans voted against, these 10 voted in favor. We need to thank them and work with them to convince other Republicans that this is what their constituents really desire:


Cohen,  King,  Lekas (A),  Lekas (T),  Mannian

Phillips,  Phinney,  Sytek,  Wolf,  Yokela


Independant Hynes also voted in favor