This is the official site for NH Ranked Choice Voting.   

We are a group organized to educate New Hampshire voters about and advocate for Ranked Choice Voting ("RCV").  We're working to build a critical mass of Granite Staters who understand the process and benefits of ranked choice voting, and who support the adoption of RCV in NH.  We know that RCV legislation will be adopted and implemented smoothly here in NH, as the public and its representatives come to understand RCV and see its widespread support. 

This site serves to provide the information and tools needed to grow our grassroots movement and to move this beneficial democratic reform forward.  

Our effort welcomes volunteers, activists, educators, elected officials, academics, authors, influencers, family members, and casual supporters. 

To stay up to date with the latest happenings and the grassroots and legislative process, sign up here. If you want to be actively involved in this movement, please also indicate that you would like to be a volunteer.