For Ranked Choice Voting to become a reality in New Hampshire, we are focusing on Grassroots Support, Community Leader Support, Legislative Support and Financial Support. 



Grassroots supporters are everything.  If the legislature can see widespread support for RCV in NH, they'll pass a bill bringing RCV to NH!  We need at least 50 people from each representative district. Those 50 people will make sure their representative knows to support an RCV bill. We're amassing 10,000 to 25,000 NH RCV supporters, and we need your help!  We need you to help reach out to people you know to help us build a grassroots movement.  We're also clipboarding at events.  Sign up on our "Volunteer" page, and make sure to mention that you want to help us reach out to people! 



Fundraising is how we support all of our work and everything we do. We're still a 100% volunteer organization.  We need funds to keep growing and be successful.  Money from fundraising is what’s paying for the website you're on right now; it also pays for ads and our supplies for in-person outreach and list building. Help us raise the funds to raise awareness to reach our goals. We need to get the whole state on board. In additional to reaching out to our supporters, we need volunteers to help us apply for grants and find bigger individual donors. If you want to help us fund our work so we can democratize NH, sign up on our "Volunteer" page, and indicate that you would like to help us fuel our efforts! 



Join our Speakers' Bureau and help us do RCV presentations around the state to help raise awareness.  We need these people to help make the case to NH why Ranked Choice Voting is a system that needs to be implemented. We also need help reaching out to get endorsements from as many people and organizations as possible. If you want to explain to others why we need to change our voting process so it represents more people, along with ensuring that every vote counts and the candidate with the most support is elected, then we need you. We need people who are comfortable getting in front of large crowds. In addition, this group will work on letters to the Editor, and reaching out to the press for interviews and getting other related coverage. If you're the type of person who thinks they can represent RCV, this is the place for you!