Interim Study

The NH House Election Law Committee has scheduled their interim study of ranked choice voting, based off of last term’s RCV bill, HB 728-FN, for Sept. 10, at 2 pm!

You can attend remotely:

Can you call to ask the Election Law Committee members to recommend Ranked Choice Voting? 

If you don't get to talk to them directly, leave a voicemail and feel free to also email them with just one or two sentences. But remember, direct calls always work better!

In your message, feel free to include any of these points:

  • Ranked Choice Voting will help ensure that we're electing candidates who accurately reflect the will of the electorate.
  • RCV gives voters more choice and more voice, and all candidates compete on a level playing field.
  • RCV curbs vote-splitting between similarly aligned candidates. It removes the spoiler effect, and it does away with strategic voting.
  • In single-member districts, RCV works just like run-off elections, but is done instantly, on one ballot.
  • RCV can be implemented smoothly and at very modest costs, as Maine's statewide RCV implementation has demonstrated.
  • RCV has been vetted repeatedly in multiple courts and has been found to be entirely consistent with "one person, one vote."
  • In addition to Maine's RCV adoptions for statewide federal elections and all primary elections, Massachusetts is likely to adopt RCV statewide this year, and there is a movement in Vermont to do the same. RCV is currently used in local elections in 11 states, for military and overseas ballots in an additional 6 states, was used in presidential primaries in 4 more states, and is used in 500 organizations, and several countries, with overwhelming success.